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Davie, Florida: A Unique Blend of Western Charm and Suburban Growth

Davie, Florida, stands out in Broward County with its distinctive western-themed architecture, sprawling green spaces, and a deep-rooted sense of community. This article explores the rich history, unique geography, and the current dynamics of the residential real estate and mortgage financing markets in Davie, offering insights into why this town has become a sought-after location for both residents and investors.

Historical Overview

The town of Davie's history is as colorful as its landscape, with roots stretching back to the early 20th century when it was originally known as Zona. In 1909, a group of settlers led by Robert Parsell Davie arrived and began draining the swamplands to convert the area into fertile farmland. Their success attracted more settlers, and in 1916, the town was renamed Davie in honor of the developer who helped the community flourish. Over the decades, Davie has evolved from an agricultural hub into a vibrant town known for its educational institutions, equestrian lifestyle, and commitment to preserving green spaces.

Geographical Setting

Davie is strategically located in central Broward County, encompassing about 35 square miles. It's characterized by its unique blend of urban and rural elements—home to numerous parks, farms, and educational facilities, including the South Florida Educational Center, which hosts several colleges and universities. The town's geography is marked by a system of canals and green spaces that offer residents a break from the urban sprawl of the surrounding metropolitan areas. This blend of features makes Davie an attractive place for those seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to the amenities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The Residential Real Estate Market

Davie's residential real estate market reflects its diverse and dynamic character, offering a range of living options from luxurious single-family homes to comfortable townhouses and condominiums. The town's commitment to maintaining green spaces and promoting an equestrian lifestyle has attracted a steady flow of new residents, contributing to a healthy and growing real estate market.

In recent years, Davie has seen a consistent appreciation in property values, driven by demand for its quality of life, excellent educational institutions, and proximity to major employment centers in South Florida. The market is competitive, with a balanced inventory that caters to both buyers and sellers. The town's unique charm and commitment to community development have made it a desirable place to live, work, and play.

Mortgage Financing Markets

The mortgage financing market in Davie is vibrant and competitive, reflecting the broader trends in the South Florida region. A variety of financing options are available to prospective homebuyers, including conventional mortgages, FHA loans, VA loans, and more specialized products tailored to meet the needs of a diverse buyer pool. Interest rates are in line with national averages but can vary based on individual credit scores, down payment amounts, and other financial factors.

Local banks, credit unions, and mortgage brokers offer personalized service and expertise in the Davie real estate market, providing potential buyers with a range of options to finance their home purchase. With the right financial preparation, buyers can take advantage of the opportunities available in the Davie real estate market to find a home that fits their lifestyle and budget.


Davie, Florida, offers a unique living experience, blending the charm of the Old West with the conveniences of modern suburban life. Its history, geographical setting, and commitment to community and environmental preservation make it a standout town in Broward County. The residential real estate market in Davie is healthy and dynamic, supported by a competitive mortgage financing environment. For those looking to put down roots in a community that values green spaces, education, and a quality lifestyle, Davie presents an attractive opportunity.

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