Dan D'Amico

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Dan D'Amico

About FiT Mortgage, LLC


FiT Capital, LLC and its subsidiary, FiT Mortgage, LLC, were founded in November 2023. The Members bring unique experiences and have diverse backgrounds to include sales, finance, operations, originations, and technology. All the members and capital partners have held leadership roles in the mortgage industry. Several currently serve as board members to other companies in the financial sector.


FiT Mortgage, LLC’s objective is to create an origination atmosphere that caters to entrepreneurs, broker owners and visionary loan originators. The company’s plan is to acquire, merge and hire like-minded companies and individuals inside our current footprint which includes Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, and Tennessee.


FiT Consulting, a revenue arm of FiT Mortgage, LLC is a dynamic and innovative consulting firm specializing in capital funding and allocation, financial consulting, and mortgage solutions.


We are extremely excited for the launch of FiT Capital, LLC and FiT Mortgage, LLC and look forward to discussing opportunities with you.